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Ranger Ready Golf is the Official Supplier of the Association of Professional Tour Caddies 


Fear of contracting tick and mosquito-borne illnesses while playing professional golf is a real concern for caddies and golfers. Protection is essential as ten-hour days on the golf course regularly expose players to these hazards. As the proud sponsor of the Association of Professional Tour Caddies, Ranger Ready Repellent is dedicated to increasing protection and decreasing infection rates.

Why should golfers use Picaridin 20%?

Repellents containing DEET damage gear (think grips, gloves and shirt collars!), kill grass and provide shorter periods of protection. Ranger Ready uses the active ingredient Picaridin 20%which provides 12-hours of protection against ticks and mosquitos and won't harm your gear or kill the grass on your favorite fairway.

Partnership Information

In addition to protecting the professionals, Ranger Ready has developed a partnership program to protect golf course guests. Our 360° fine-mist spray bottles are perfect for your golf bag or locker, to ensure that you're always protected from bites when you're on the course. Ranger Ready comes in three wearable scents that provide long-lasting protection from ticks, mosquitos and biting flies.

For more information, to request pricing or to obtain a free sample, contact partners@rangerready.com and include your name, shipping address, along with the golf course you are affiliated with, their contact and address. 



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