Land OF 10,000 Lakes Fishing Adventure

Land OF 10,000 Lakes Fishing Adventure

In this latest blog from brand ambassador Lindsey Hayes, read about her fishing trip and why she uses Ranger Ready Repellents while on the water.

woman holding up fish on a lake in the summer time  


Minnesota is not only one of the best fishing destinations in the Midwest, but also across North America. The state houses more than 10,000 lakes earning it the nickname “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” It’s known for legendary walleye fishing along with great fisheries for large and smallmouth bass, muskie, crappie, northern pike, perch, trout and more. My favorite summer fishing trips are for walleye and large/smallmouth bass. I grew up in Wisconsin, so I am still identifying local hot spots. Lake Minnetonka, Mille Lacs and the Mississippi River are top of my list right now. For our adventure this week, I head out with a local guide who also competes nationally in the bass pro tour. We hope to land a few large smallies!

woman fishing on a professional boat on a lake in the summer

Undisclosed Lake

Every smart angler never shares his/her exact hot spots. Sorry, you will have to hire a guide to take you or maybe message me on social media.  Chad Grigsby has fished professionally for more than a decade. He is kind enough to show me a new lake today that is within an hour of Minneapolis.

woman bird hunting holding a gun in the sunset

June marks the start of my summer fishing season. I just wrapped up turkey hunting with a successful late season hunt on my farm in WI. From the woods to the water, there is no offseason. This summer is slightly different. I am trying to plan the majority of my fishing trips early in the season because I am currently 23 weeks pregnant with twin boys. The bump has altered my outdoor adventures only slightly. Doctors encourage me to keep up my active lifestyle, however I will admit I sit a lot more in the boat now. I look forward to showing my boys how to fish just as my dad, grandpa and brother have taught me.


Today, the bite was on. We got out on the water early in the morning. My summertime perfume is Ranger Ready. I put my first layer on at the boat landing. I often get bit by pesky mosquitoes as we are unloading the boat. Not today though, thanks to protection from Ranger Ready’s body-worn repellent with the active ingredient, Picaridin 20%. I love knowing that Picaridin is safer and as effective as DEET and is safe to use during my pregnancy. I also like that my clothing and gear won’t be ruined by Picaridin, unlike DEET which is a plasticizer. Since mosquitoes love me, I reapply multiple times during the day, especially in the early morning or evening hours.

woman applying bug spray to her legs while fishing on a boat  woman applying ranger ready bug spray while fishing on a boat

Now, that we don’t have to worry about bugs, let’s get to fishing. Smallmouth bass are still spawning on their beds on this lake. Water temps are right around 67 degrees. We were able to locate some big mamas right along a rock bed near an island.  Catch and release, we had some excitement! The drop shot with a plastic leech was on fire today. We brought in some football size smallies. State averages range from 15 to 20 inches.

My tip of the day: when landing a smallmouth, put your hand under their belly while the fish is in the water. It calms them and allows you to lip them for a successful catch.

woman, lindsey hayes, holding up fish while on a boat in the summer


While I love to reel-in “the big catch of the day”, I mainly fish because I love to be outdoors and to spend more time with family. Some of my favorite memories with my parents, grandparents, siblings and cousins all happened in a fishing boat. It only took one good experience and I was hooked for life (pun intended). My grandpa and dad took me fishing around 4 years old. Home videos show me reeling in a bluegill thinking it was a 29 inch walleye. Every fish was a walleye to me as a kid. My species identification has gotten better through the years. My grandpa taught me: there is no bad day on the water and to always request the front of the boat. He also made me bait my own hook and take off my own fish as a kid. If you have children, teach them how to cast and about fishing. It is one of the best life lessons passed down to me.


According to the Minnesota DNR, the state record for a small-mouth bass is 8 pounds. Find shallow water during spawning to find these guys. They love logs, weedy areas and rock beds. Use crank baits and spinner baits in about 4 to 8 feet of water.  Look for dark areas in the water that most likely could be a bed, rock, or log. They often have a bed close by. Good luck fishing this summer! I hope you end up with a bass thumb!

man in red shirt holding up a bass on a boat in the middle of a lake with green trees and a blue sky during the summer


Storytelling is my passion. For 10+ years, I’ve worked in the broadcast industry. I now am mainly focused on outdoors and sports content. I own my own company, Forever Wild LLC. We hunt, fish, kayak, offroad and highlight outdoor adventures for a living. There are so many great stories to tell and I love seeing the world while protected with Ranger Ready Repellents.

fisherman in red shirt and fisherwoman holding up a bass fish on a boat in the middle of the summer with a blue sky 

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