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Body-worn repellent providing protection from mosquitoes, ticks, no-see-ums, gnats and biting flies with Picaridin 20%, the safe and effective alternative to DEET. Clothing-worn repellent providing up to 40 days of protection with Permethrin 0.5%.

Ranger Ready is proud to offer a complete line of safe insect repellents and 80% alcohol hand sanitizer sprays that can help you
enjoy the outdoors safely.

Topical Protection for Adults and Children

Ranger Ready’s Picaridin 20% Repellents are body-worn repellents that offer much better protection than DEET with none of the unpleasant side effects. Available in both scented and unscented varieties, Ranger Ready’s Picaridin Repellents provide longer-lasting protection than DEET repellents and do not contain any neurotoxic substances.

Safe and Effective Protection for Clothing and Equipment

When you spend time outdoors, long-lasting protection from Ranger Ready’s Permethrin 0.5% Repellents are the ideal choice for clothing, gear, dog beds, and much more. These repellents kill insects on contact and are easy to use, and when applied properly protect up to 40 days of protection or five washes before reapplication is necessary. Additionally, Permethrin repellents do not use aerosol cans like most DEET-based products, making these some of the most sustainable and effective insect repellents on the market.

FDA-Compliant Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer has quickly become a necessity for many Americans. Ranger Ready is now proud to offer FDA-registered 80% alcohol fine mist hand sanitizer sprays. Whether you want reliable hand sanitizer for your next trip or want to ensure you have a ready supply for home, Ranger Ready hand sanitizer eliminates bacteria and is safe for anyone over two months old.

Choose Long-Lasting and Reliable Protection

If you are ready to try safe insect repellents that offer truly reliable and consistent protection, Ranger Ready products are the ideal choice. When used together, Picaridin 20% Body-Worn Repellents and Permethrin 0.5% Clothing-Worn Repellents provide two layers of protection against biting insects. Additionally, protect your family from the spread of bacteria by using Ranger Ready’s 80% alcohol hand sanitizer fine mist spray. Choose Ranger Ready for the longest-lasting protection you and your family deserve.


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