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Ranger Ready: a brand new DEET alternative.

Picaridin 20%, EPA-registered protection from ticks, mosquitoes and other insects.

Why choose a DEET alternative? DEET may be an effective repellent, but it’s also a neurotoxin and a plasticizer. With increasing skepticism worldwide about DEET’s long-term safety, many people are searching for DEET alternatives that work.

Why Picaridin? Picaridin is just as effective as DEET, providing up to 12 hours of protection from ticks and mosquitoes, without carrying the same health concerns to have caused several countries to ban DEET outright in certain concentrations.

Why Ranger Ready? Our mission is simple: introduce the world to an insect repellent that is safe, effective, long-lasting, EPA-registered and made entirely in the USA.

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