Ranger Ready Repellents® Launches New Offering for Outdoor Professionals

Ranger Ready Repellents® Launches New Offering for Outdoor Professionals

Ranger Ready SIR-PAK: Standard Issue Ranger Pak Designed for Park Rangers and Uniformed Pros

Market innovator of body-worn and clothing-worn insect repellents launches dual-protection kit designed to keep pros who must work outdoors safe from tick and mosquito bites

NORWALK, CT (March 29, 2022)Warmer, wetter weather throughout the U.S. is allowing ticks and mosquitos that cause serious illnesses such as Lyme disease and West Nile virus to thrive. With the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimating that over 500,000 adults and children become infected each year from a single bite, Ranger Ready, announced the official launch of the Standard Issue Ranger Pak, which provides outdoor workers with over 100 days of body-worn and clothing-worn protection from dangerous biting insects. Also known as theSIR-PAK, this new product is already a hit with park rangers during their long shifts in the outdoors. 

“If you work outdoors, you must protect yourself from biting insects as soon as the temperatures are above freezing,” said Chris L. Fuentes, founder and CEO of Ranger Ready Repellents. “We worked with park rangers across multiple states to better understand their needs and help us develop this effective new offering that protects all professionals from bites for up to 100 days in the field.”

“We expect over one billion visitors to enjoy America’s state and national parks this year. The safety of our rangers, volunteers and visitors is always our number one priority,” says Grady Spann, a 30-year veteran of the Arkansas State Parks and former president of the National Association of State Park Directors. “One of the leading causes of missed days of work by park staff are tick bites that the ranger never felt or saw. We learned that following the CDC’s recommendation to treat your clothing with Permethrin 0.5% and apply Picaridin 20% for daily protection from serious bites is ultimately the best defense,” added Spann.



The Ranger Ready SIR-PAK ($47 Retail Price) provides up to 100 days of dual tick and insect bite protection. The SIR-PAK contains two 24oz (710ml) bottles of clothing-worn Ranger Ready Permethrin 0.5% and two 6oz (177ml) bottles of body-worn Ranger Ready Picaridin 20% in Scent Zero®. Both products are EPA registered and feature non-aerosol fine mist sprays that improve coverage without the use of aerosol.  

Ranger Ready Permethrin 0.5% is a gear and clothing-worn repellent which provides a dual level of protection from bites and may be applied to clothes, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, blankets and sports gear. When applied properly, this unscented formula repels and kill insects, for up to 40 days or five washes.

Ranger Ready Picaridin 20% is a body-worn repellent that provides 12-hour protection from mosquitoes and ticks, 8 hours of protection against gnats, biting flies, no see-ums, and other biting insects. Picaridin 20% is a DEET-free alternative that may be safely applied to the skin daily by anyone who enjoys being outside including adults, pregnant women and children over one-year old.

    Discounts for Uniformed Professionals

    As part of Ranger Ready’s commitment to protecting the men and women in uniform, the company offers military, first responders, park rangers and other verified professionals discounts via the ID.me program. Uniformed professionals may click here for discounts and more information. 

    About Ranger Ready

    Founded in 2017, Ranger Ready Inc. markets premium body-worn and clothing-worn repellents that provide protection from ticks, mosquitos and other biting insects. The company is dedicated to stemming the alarming increase of dangerous vector-borne diseases in the U.S. by encouraging the proper use of safe and effective repellents. Ranger Ready products are all EPA registered and proudly made in the U.S.A. Ranger Ready is committed to an earth-friendly footprint by offering recyclable packaging and using the most compact means to transport products. For more information, please visit www.rangerready.com, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.