Lindsey Hayes Speaks About Her Family's History with Lyme Disease

Lindsey Hayes Speaks About Her Family's History with Lyme Disease

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Lindsey Hayes is an Award-Winning TV Host, who specializes in the outdoor industry and has worked on the Fox Sports Network. Follow her adventures on Instagram @lindseyhayestv. 

Lyme Disease Family History

My skin starts to itch at the mention of ticks or Lyme disease. Unfortunately, my family has a lot of experience with tick bites and the disease. We are from Wisconsin. Some of my family live in the Northwoods and the vast majority of the men in my family are avid outdoorsmen.  Whether it is hunting, logging, or farming, we spend thousands of hours yearly in the woods and outside. From deer ticks to wood ticks, I have encountered hundreds throughout my lifetime. As much as we try to avoid tick bites with repellant and proper clothing, they somehow have managed to still cause problems for family members.

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Here are a few personal accounts from various members of my family:

Family Member 1:  I have been bitten by ticks at least 100 times. I have had Lyme disease twice and was hospitalized once. My side effects included major fatigue, joint aches and 13 red rings across my back. When I was hospitalized, I lost more than 20 pounds and almost all of my strength. Recovery time can be from 2 to 4 weeks with antibiotics. I slept a ton for almost 2 weeks.  It is a very serious disease and there can be lingering life-long side effects that don’t go away. This year, I’ve used Ranger Ready Repellents while hunting and had zero tick bites. Protect yourself.

Family Member 2: I have been bitten by deer ticks dozens of times. I work in the logging industry and am in the woods daily. I have had Lyme disease too many times to count. I never had a rash but was very tired and spiked a temperature. I was given a vaccine, but it was discontinued in 2002. I rely on repellents like Ranger Ready to stay protected. 

Family Member 3: I have had Lyme disease 3 times and was given Doxycycline for 14 days. My main side effects were joint pain and fatigue. It is important to wear repellent and not risk the lifelong impacts this disease can cause.

Family Member 4: I have had Lyme disease twice. I had a large bullseye around the bite, a fever, body aches and was extremely tired. Thankfully, I was treated with Tetracycline and recovered fully.

Family Member 5: After my tick bite, I had Ehrlichiosis and was very dehydrated. I went to the hospital for an IV and medication to recover. I was very sick for more than a week and had fever, severe headaches, muscle pains, and chills.

How to Prevent Lyme Disease While Enjoying the Outdoors

Lyme Disease symptoms have been all over the board for my family. Scary to think about, but I am thankful everyone recovered, albeit every case caused a drastic change in daily life. It is important to prevent future tick-borne illness by being educated and prepared. Throughout the years, my family has done a better job of protecting ourselves against tick bites. We definitely take this disease seriously and rely on quality insect repellents like Ranger Ready Picaridin 20% and Permethrin 0.5%.

Ranger Ready makes me feel safe entering the woods, as I know I am covered for 12 hours. I also always do a thorough tick check after hunting or being in the woods. Please educate your family about the signs of Lyme Disease. Remember, the first line of defense is prevention. Protecting yourself starts far before you enter the woods.

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