Repel and kill ticks, mosquitos and biting insects on contact with our clothing-worn Ranger Ready Permethrin 0.5%® Insect Repellent


CLOTHING-WORN REPELLENT | Permethrin is an insecticide in the pyrethroid family. Pyrethroids - synthetic chemicals that act like natural extracts from the chrysanthemum flower - kill insects upon contact. Designed to treat clothing and gear. Ranger Ready Permethrin 0.5% lasts up to 40 days or 5 washes.

Whether you’re hunting, camping, hiking, or working in the garden in the backyard, be protected with clothing-worn Permethrin 0.5% Insect Repellent from Ranger Ready. When applied properly, Ranger Ready will keep your clothing and gear treated for up to 40 days or 5 washes.

Ranger Ready Permethrin Spray for Clothing and Gear


When used with our body-worn Picaridin 20% Insect Repellent, Ranger Ready Unscented Permethrin adds an additional layer of insect protection.

Who Permethrin is Perfect for

Hunters: This hunting season, stay protected from ticks and mosquitos that cause serious disease. Apply Ranger Ready Permethrin 0.5% to your clothing and equipment for a bite-free hunt.

Hikers and campers: Ideal for gear like hiking boots, tents and backpacks, Ranger Ready Permethrin 0.5% bug spray provides an extra layer of protection for your next camping or hiking trip.

Horse owners: Treat your horse blankets with our safe to use, long-lasting Permethrin 0.5% Insect Repellent to protect your horses from aggressive ticks, mosquitos, flies, fleas, and lice by applying.

Outdoor adventurers: Apply Ranger Ready Permethrin 0.5% bug spray directly to your bags, jackets, or sports gear.

Families with children or dogs: Apply Ranger Ready Permethrin 0.5% to clothes, blankets, dog beds, and backpacks to keep your family bite-free.

What Permethrin Is Perfect On

What to treat: Clothing, Backpacks, Sleeping Bags, Outdoor Furniture, Horse Blankets, Car Seat Covers, Mosquito Nets, Hammocks, Dog Beds, Tents

Wear Dual Layers of Protection

body + clothing-worn repellent

The best way to avoid tick, mosquito, and insect bites is to wear Picaridin 20% repellent on your skin and apply Permethrin spray to your clothing and gear.

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