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Permethrin Insect Spray repels and kills ticks, mosquitos, gnats, no-see-ums, and other biting insects on contact.

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Ranger Ready Permethrin Repellent Kills on Contact

Permethrin is a synthetic substance similar to the natural extract of the chrysanthemum flower, highly effective for mosquito control and eliminating insects on contact. Permethrin Repellent from Ranger Ready can be more effective than conventional insect repellents because of how permethrin interacts with biting insects. Permethrin repels insects, but in the event an insect comes in contact with Permethrin particles the insect will be killed. When applied properly, Permethrin will repel and kill insects for up to 40 days or 5 washes.

Clothing and Gear-Worn Repellent

It’s important to protect more than just your skin from exposure to biting insects. All of your clothing, equipment, and gear could potentially offer hiding places to all types of undesirable insects. When applied correctly, Permethrin repellent is easy to use for reliable and lasting defense from biting insects.

One of the best aspects of Ranger Ready Permethrin 0.5% is that it can protect all types of clothing and gear, including outerwear, footwear, sleeping bags, hammocks, and even dog beds, horse blankets, and car seat covers.

Long-Lasting Protection

Treating clothing with permethrin is a relatively easy process. One proper application can offer up to 40 days or 5 washes of odorless protection from biting insects before reapplication is necessary. Application only takes a few minutes, and once dry, everything treated with permethrin is safe to touch and odorless. With Ranger Ready Permethrin 0.5% Repellent, there is no need to reapply constantly.