Why You Need a Bug Spray That Doesn’t Stink… Really

Why You Need a Bug Spray That Doesn’t Stink… Really

bug spray that doesn't smell bad

Bug spray doesn’t have to be sticky, greasy, and smell bad. Picaridin 20% is the solution, and is the proven formula that is effective, if not more effective, than traditional DEET repellents. Ranger Ready’s picaridin products leave skin feeling clean. Additionally, picaridin is not a plasticizer so it doesn’t damage clothes and gear.

While staying protected from biting insects this summer is a priority, smelling abrasive is not. Ranger Ready has wearable scents including light and natural Amber, refreshing Ranger Orange, and the cologne-like Night Sky.

And sometimes no scent is the best scent of all. Enter: Ranger Ready Scent Zero™

When is odorless bug spray helpful?

When someone has a sensitivity to smells

Many people have sensitivities to strong smells, which can cause headaches, an itchy nose, and nausea. Most of the time, insect repellents have a strong smell due to the chemicals used, especially DEET-based repellents. This can deter people from using proper insect and tick protection when enjoying the outdoors and leaves them at risk for biting insect-borne diseases such as Lyme disease from ticks, Pappataci Fever from biting flies, and Zika virus from mosquitos. 

An odorless bug spray can be the solution for scent-sensitive people, when even a pleasant smell (if strong enough) can cause discomfort or even illness. An unscented, hypoallergenic bug spray made with Picaridin 20% will keep users protected for 12 hours from tick and mosquito bites, which is even longer than comparable products and without the smell. 

While hunting

Deer and other animals can be deterred from unfamiliar scents, while an odorless formula will keep hunters undercover from being found by their game and biting insects.

woman shed hunting wearing insect repellent

While hunters typically remain covered in gear, ticks still find their way into places like hair and up pant legs, which is why it’s very important to apply a layer of tick repellent directly onto the skin first and then once again when the gear is on. It’s okay to get Ranger Ready bug spray on equipment because Picaridin 20% doesn’t damage gear, unlike DEET which is corrosive and can cause the destruction of clothing and hunting gear.

Sometimes no scent is the best scent

When attending an outdoor event, perfume or cologne should be the star of the show, not insect protection. With the introduction of Ranger Ready Scent Zero, that is now a reality.

Forget the fact that you’re wearing bug spray when it’s Ranger Ready picaridin insect repellent, which goes on clean and smells fresh and natural – or doesn’t smell at all with the new Scent Zero.

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