Ranger Ready Mosquito Repellents Donates to Victims of Hurricane Dorian

Ranger Ready and Florida & Bahamian Businesses Donate 1,000 Bottles of Insect Repellent to Hurricane Dorian Victims


Ranger Ready Repellent® and Air Esscentials are working to send over 1,000 bottles of mosquito repellent to Abaco and Grand Bahama to help protect residents and aide-workers from mosquito-borne illnesses. 

In the wake of the devastation to Abaco and Grand Bahama from Hurricane Dorian, Ranger Ready Repellents, located in Norwalk, Connecticut, is working with Air Esscentials, located in Miami, Florida, to send 1,000 of bottles of mosquito and insect repellent to the area to protect residents and aide-workers from mosquito-borne illness and disease.

“Excessive amounts of standing water after hurricanes creates breeding grounds for mosquitos that cause disease 10-14 days after the disaster,” said Ranger Ready founder and CEO, Chris L. Fuentes. “With flooding as a result of Hurricane Dorian, there are likely to be millions of mosquitos affecting residents over the next months.” 

“For us this is not about business. It is about helping people that need it,” said Spence Levy, president of Air Esscentials, who has spent his entire life traveling to the Bahamas. Air Esscentials, which provides environmental scent delivery systems, is delivering the donation – along with many other donations – to a Bahamian small business owner, who will then fly donations to Nassau, before transporting to the islands by boats. And because of pirates and looters, said Levy, it is necessary for the boats to be escorted to the islands by the U.S. Coast Guard. 

“Repellents are just one of the many needs after a hurricane, and can often be overlooked,” said Fuentes. “By making repellents available, residents and aide-workers can stay safe and protected from insect bites and so they may focus on rebuilding their communities.”

Each of the 1,000 Ranger Ready bottles can protect an entire family of four for a week or more. Ranger Ready uses the active ingredient picaridin, which prevents mosquito bites for 12 hours. It’s safe for children over age-1 and women who are pregnant and breastfeeding.

Ranger Ready donates picaridin insect repellent to hurrican dorian victims in the bahamas