Ranger Ready on WSHU Public Radio

Ranger Ready on WSHU Public Radio

On The Full Story with Ron Ropiak, a weekly news show on WSHU, Ranger Ready founder and CEO, Chris L. Fuentes, spoke about his own experience with Lyme disease, including a misdiagnosis of MRSA and how he narrowly avoided major surgery, as well as the local, regional, and national fight against Lyme disease.

The Full Story

“I got Lyme disease and ended up in the hospital, and it was very similar to most cases in that it was misdiagnosed. I had a great summer playing golf and ended up with a…bulls eye from my knee to the groin. And I misdiagnosed as having MRSA, which is a flesh eating disease, and completely was ready to have surgery, and finally an infectious disease doctor came in and said ‘No you get to have dinner tonight, you have Lyme disease, you’re not going to go into surgery.”


Fuentes joined Sara Tyghter, Director of Education and Outreach for the Global Lyme Alliance; Scott Campbell, PhD, director, Arthropod-borne Disease Laboratory, Suffolk County Department of Health Services; James Tomarken, MD, commissioner, Suffolk County Department of Health Services; Bridget Fleming, member, Environment, Planning & Agriculture Committee, Suffolk County Legislature, D-Sag Harbor; and Barbara Keber, MD, family physician, president, New York State Association of Family Physicians.