7 Reasons Why You Should Participate in the Don’t DEET Challenge

7 Reasons Why You Should Participate in the Don’t DEET Challenge

You’ve heard it from us before – Don’t DEET.

Picaridin 20% is the safe and effective DEET alternative and is the best mosquito and tick repellent. And now, it’s time for you to see it for yourself.

Ranger Ready is announcing the Don’t DEET Challenge, encouraging you to experience the effectiveness of Picaridin insect repellent in your daily life.

Not sure if Picaridin is for you? Here are 7 reasons why you should join the Don’t DEET Challenge today:

1. You go fishing on the weekends

It’s a fun getaway for you and your friends or family, or it’s a relaxing solo trip for yourself. But, unfortunately the fish might not be the only ones biting. Bug bites don’t have to be a part of fishing trips anymore with an insect repellent that protects against all of the usual suspects: flies, gnats, ticks, and mosquitos.

2. Your backyard is made for hosting

If your get-together welcomes more than just invited guests when the mosquitos come out, keeping a trusted mosquito repellent on hand will prevent your friends from getting bitten so they can enjoy the party. Don’t let foul smelling bug spray put a damper on the festivities – arm your guests with a scented bug spray that smells as good as a summer night.

3. You want to keep your kids safe

DEET is a harsh chemical and is not recommended for young children. Natural insect repellents, like Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, don’t repel ticks and mosquito protection lasts only 6 hours. Picaridin 20% protects against mosquitos and ticks for a full 12 hours and it’s safe to use on kids over the age of 1 and during pregnancy, which makes it equally (if not more) effective than comparable DEET products.

4. You don’t like that sticky feeling

You don’t have to feel sticky skin with Picaridin 20% insect repellent; Picaridin goes on light and leaves your skin feeling clean. Ranger Ready’s non-aerosol bottle provides optimal protection against biting insects without the less than optimal feeling DEET leaves. Ranger Ready is also available in trigger sprays for wider reach.

5. DEET is ruining your gear

You might not even be aware that DEET is a culprit when your sunglasses started looking spotted and melted, your fishing line snaps without warning, or your phone case is sticky and begins falling apart. DEET is a plasticizer, which can ruin many common materials like plastic, rubber, leather, latex, vinyl, spandex, elastic, rayon and auto paint. Simply put, Picaridin won’t do that.

6. You’ve been on the hunt for an unscented bug spray

Whether you’re an avid hunter or sensitive to strong smells, an odorless mosquito repellent might be what you’re looking for. Try Ranger Ready Scent Zero collection, strong on protection but not on smell. And because it sprays on light and clean, you won’t even be able to tell it’s there.

7. DEET is a household staple and you’re ready for a change

DEET isn’t the only option for insect repellent anymore. There are plenty of great alternatives that aren’t neurotoxins, that don’t smell, and that aren’t damaging to clothing and gear. Picaridin insect repellent is the best DEET alternative as it provides comparable effective insect bite protection: 12 hours against ticks and mosquitos, and 8 hours against gnats, chiggers, flies, and other biting insects.

Ready to join the challenge?

Ranger Ready is ready to have you join the Don’t DEET Challenge. Here’s what you have to do:

Step 1: Choose a single 100ml bottle of Ranger Ready. It’s our travel size bug spray, so take it with you everywhere that you need insect protection on the go. All of our popular scents are up for grabs.

Step 2: Get free shipping! Use code DONTDEET at checkout and standard shipping is on us.

Step 3: Try out the best DEET alternative, Ranger Ready Picaridin insect repellent, wherever the bugs are. Take your new insect repellent to the beach, camping, hiking, or even your own backyard. Try it out at least three times to see how effective it is. Then, post a photo of yourself on Instagram, follow and tag @rangerready, and add the hashtag #DONTDEET.

Complete these three simple steps and we’ll send you a free t-shirt! Go to dontdeet.com to learn more.