5 Tips for Hosting a Fun & Safe Labor Day Party

5 Tips for Hosting a Fun & Safe Labor Day Party


Labor Day parties can often signal the end of summer, and while your guests might come to celebrate prepared with food to share, swim towels, and drinks – often items like insect repellent don’t make it into the tote bag. Be the host of the summer by following these tips for hosting a great Labor Day party.

Tip 1: Make sure there’s sun coverage 

Don’t let your guests swelter in the sun – UV rays are the strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.. One way to make your guests more comfortable is by setting up umbrellas around sitting areas. Also, have SPF on deck for guests that might have forgotten to apply, or for those who start looking a little crispy.

Tip 2: Provide plenty of food and drinks

Have plenty of water available and encourage your guests to stay hydrated. Dehydration often goes unnoticed, especially when drinking alcoholic beverages. Also, make sure you have enough food as your guests get hungry – partying can work up an appetite.


Tip 3: Keep bottles of bug spray handy

An effective bug spray is especially important if your party runs into the evening hours when mosquitos flourish, if your yard contains tall grass where chiggers and ticks fester, or if you live in a wooded area. Keep a few bottles of a 12-hour tick and mosquito repellent around the party area and encourage your guests to use it to prevent irritating bites and insect borne illnesses. Using a repellent that has an alternative to DEET, like picaridin, will prevent damage to any clothing or accessories.

Tip 4: Accommodate guests of all ages

It’s easy to keep the adults entertained with food and drinks but be prepared if children are also attending your backyard get together. If you have a pool, make sure proper safety measures are set in place and that a responsible adult is always watching. Also, make sure there are age appropriate drinks and snacks available, as well as safe toys and activities for them.

Tip 5: Don’t forget about lighting

Just because your party started during daylight hours doesn’t mean it’s going to end that way. As dusk approaches, make sure your party area remains sufficiently lit. Not only will it help keep everyone (especially the kids) safe, but it’ll make the atmosphere more enjoyable. Lamps look great on tables or hanging on the porch and will keep the area bright. Safely starting a fire is always an option, too!

Ready to party?

Now that you know all of the supplies you need to be the host with the most, start preparing for your end-of-summer bash and stock up on the essentials – like a trusty tick and mosquito repellent – for a fun and safe Labor Day party.