tick aware during lyme disease awareness month

How You Can Show Support During Lyme Disease Awareness Month


May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month, and part of our partnership with the Global Lyme Alliance is to make sure that you and your families are Be Tick AWARE.

AVOID areas where ticks live.

WEAR light-colored clothing, long pants, sleeves, socks, and closed-toe shoes.

APPLY EPA-approved, CDC-recommended tick repellent.

REMOVE clothing upon entering the home; toss into the dryer at a high temperature for 10-15 minutes to kill any ticks.

EXAMINE yourself and your pets for ticks daily. Pay close attention to those hidden areas like behind your knees and in your hair.

During the month of May, Ranger Ready is donating 15% of sale to GLA to help fund Lyme disease research, education, and prevention. Below are some ways you, too, can do your part to protect future generations from Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses.

Educate Others About Ticks

There are many of misconceptions about ticks, like where they are found and how to remove a latched tick. Many have been debunked, but they continue to spread like wildfire. Instead, educate others on the proper way to protect against ticks and Lyme disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and GLA’s website are both great resources for information. And there are many other blogs on our site with information and educational videos.

Whether it’s sharing information with your friends on social media or leading by example and applying a CDC-recommended tick repellent when you’re with friends and family, please educate others when you have the opportunity.

Share your bug spray - or better yet, buy them their own!

Always share your tick repellent with friends if they have forgotten their own or if they are using an ineffective repellent. Many people opt for a natural bug repellent like oil of lemon eucalyptus, which does not offer any type of protection against ticks. The safest and most effective tick repellent is made with picaridin 20%, like Ranger Ready.


Your friends might still be using a DEET bug spray, which is less effective than picaridin. DEET only offers 8-10 hours of tick protection, while Picaridin 20% offers 12 hours of protection. DEET is also sticky, is damaging to clothing and gear, and is irritating to the skin. Help them make the switch to a better-for-them, safer alternative like Ranger Ready Repellents.

Connect with loved ones who are fighting Lyme Disease

Approximately 300,000 people contract Lyme Disease each year, and it is the most common vector-borne disease in the United States. While this month is Lyme Disease Awareness Month, it’s important to care year-round for people in your life who could be suffering from Lyme disease. It’s a lifelong illness, afterall, and many people suffer from chronic symptoms.

couple standing in front of their horses 

Our Lyme Disease Story: Guest post by Erin Walker, wife of six-time PGA Tour winner & Major winner, Jimmy Walker.

Support the Global Lyme Alliance

GLA is the leading 501 (c)(3) dedicated to conquering Lyme and other tick-borne diseases through research, education, and awareness. Through our partnership with the GLA, during May’s Lyme Disease Awareness Month, 15% of all purchases on RangerReady.com will go to advance their mission. Join us in supporting GLA – purchase our picaridin bug spray or our new hand sanitizer, and protect yourself while also supporting a great cause that promotes Lyme Disease awareness 365 days a year.

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