kid safe mosquito repellent for camping

3 Activities to Get Outside and How to Stay Safe This Summer


Your vacation may have been put on hold, but the summer fun can continue. As always, Ranger Ready® is your outdoor adventure guide. Continue reading for our jam-packed list of summer adventures, and the necessary safety precautions your family should take for a great summer.

Backyard Camping

While the kids might not have their normal lake-swimming, bunk bed-sleeping, s’mores-eating summer camp to look forward to, it doesn’t mean they can’t get a taste of the great outdoors at home. Schedule a fun-filled day of tug of war and arts and crafts, a picnic lunch, and campfire to end the night. If your kids are old enough, set up a tent safely tucked away in the backyard and let them sleep under the stars.


Safety Precautions

With camping comes mosquitos. The best mosquito repellent for camping is one that lasts all day, doesn’t damage your camping gear, and isn’t sticky and smelly. Ranger Ready is made with Picaridin 20%, which offers 12 hours of protection from mosquitos and ticks, and 8 hours of protection from biting flies. Also, Picaridin is not a plasticizer and will keep your camping gear intact and unharmed, unlike like the comparable DEET.


Packing List

  • Best mosquito repellent for camping – Ranger Ready Scent Zero
  • Backyard camping gear including a tent and sleeping bag
  • Arts & crafts and sports gear for all day activities

Lunchtime Picnics

Eating with a view is always more enjoyable, so pack up your lunch and hit the road to your favorite viewpoint. Take your picnic to the beach, lake, wooded area, or anyplace that has the room for you to set up at a picnic table or lay a blanket out on the ground. If you’re having trouble finding a destination, check out your local state parks. Your state’s park listing will show the hours of operation, if picnic benches are available, if it involves a hike to get there, and many will also give information about their social distancing procedures so you can feel comfortable bringing your family.


Safety Precautions

Besides coming prepared with the basic essentials for an outdoor picnic and a potential leisurely hike – sunscreen, kid safe bug spray, and a first aid kit – don’t forget to dress the part, too. That means hats and layers. Hats are great for keeping the sun out of your eyes and off your skin, they provide that extra barrier when sunscreen isn’t enough. As for layers, pack a long sleeve t-shirt and at least tall socks if you plan on hanging around in grassy areas where ticks run rampant. Even when you’re using insect repellent and wearing long layers, check you and your children for ticks when returning home and follow these procedures if you find one.

Packing List

  • A healthy lunch
  • Travel size first aid kit
  • Kid safe bug spray, we recommend the long-lasting, fresh scent Ranger Orange
  • Sunscreen that’s SPF 30 or higher
  • Hats and layers for everyone

Playground Playdates

Your kids are probably missing recess; while your backyard swing set is fun, it does not compare to the fan-favorite jungle gym. If you are comfortable, and if the playground is open, pack up the family and go to the neighborhood park for an afternoon of playing. Be mindful of the social distancing rules that are set in place for the park and try going during off-hours that aren’t as busy.

Safety Precautions

While there’s nothing wrong with getting a little dirty playing outside, we are not fans of germs. Please keep your family home if someone is feeling sick, but if everyone’s healthy enough for an outing, keep sanitizer and disinfecting wipes on hand. Wipe down any equipment or toys before your child begins to play with them, and before packing up to leave use a 80% ethanol alcohol hand sanitizer to kill any dangerous germs.

Packing List

  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Ranger Ready Hand Sanitizer™ with 80% ethanol alcohol in a fine mist, unscented hand sanitizer spray
  • Picaridin insect repellent for all-day bug bite protection
  • Sunscreen and a first aid kit

Get outside this summer and make memories with the whole family, but make sure to play it safe with Ranger Ready Repellents and Ranger Ready Hand Sanitizer.