Ranger Ready Tick Repellent and Global Lyme Alliance Talk Tick Prevention and Be Tick AWARE on WTNH News Channel

Ranger Ready Repellents & Global Lyme Alliance Talk Tick Prevention on WTNH News Channel 8

Ranger Ready Repellents founder and CEO, Chris L. Fuentes, was joined by Mayla Hsu, PhD, the Director of Research and Science for Global Lyme Alliance (GLA), during a morning segment on WTNH News Channel 8. The two talked about the increase in Lyme disease cases across the country, and the importance of wearing insect repellent to prevent Lyme disease.

The segment also focused on May’s Lyme Disease Awareness Month, for which Ranger Ready is donating 15% of net revenue, or a minimum of $25,000, to GLA.

“Any time the temperature gets over 34 degrees ticks are active,” Dr. Hsu told WTNH meteorologist, Gill Simmons. “Our winters are now punctuated by days of rain, and warmer weather, and thaws, and those are all very hospitable conditions for ticks." 

Jocelyn Maminta, Good Morning Connecticut at Nine Co-Anchor, asked Fuentes the reason for creating Ranger Ready. After explaining his personal experience with Lyme disease, Fuentes mentioned that he wanted to create a better bug spray. “We wanted to develop a better bug spray, and we realized that people don’t want to spray DEET on themselves. In Europe people use Picaridin, which we were able to bring to this country to use in Ranger Ready. Picaridin is safe for children and for pregnant women, and the whole family.

“It’s completely effective,” Fuentes continued. “12-hour protection against ticks and mosquitos, and 8-hour protection against flies.”

Dr. Hsu explained how Picaridin has been tested extensively by the EPA and has an EPA number, which means it’s been tested rigorously for safety and efficacy. “Although I know there are many alternative repellents that people like to use, not all of them have been as rigorously tested as Picaridin.”

“So, good insurance if you’re going to go outside,” said Simmons. “Just put this on and you’re good to go.” SHOP NOW +