99.1 PLR, Chaz and AJ: The Terrifying Truth About Ticks With Chris Fuentes

99.1 PLR: The Terrifying Truth About Ticks With Chris Fuentes

(99.1 PLR) Chaz and AJ spoke to Chris Fuentes about his line of tick repellents, which is more important this season, thanks to a terrifying new virus.  

How bad are the ticks this year?

People are getting bitten every single day. We can’t walk through the forest anymore. We can’t drop the kids off and let them run through the backwoods anymore, because ticks are everywhere. Many of the experts have told people “Don’t worry about the ticks. If it’s not on for 24-hours it’s not going to get you, because Lyme Disease is bacterial, and the tick has to have a blood source to feed.” But the same tick that carries Lyme Disease also carries the new disease from the north, Powassan virus. When this tick bites you, it takes about 15 minutes for it to transmit. One in five are dead in six weeks. If you’re a baby or a senior, the likelihood of surviving the virus is minimal. It’s more than just a tick bite now. The incident rate is largest in kids 0-14 years old and seniors. Two hundred seniors per 100,000 in Maine have new cases of tick-borne diseases each year.

What is Ranger Ready Repellents? 

Ranger Ready is a new repellent that we created in Norwalk, Connecticut, made from an active ingredient called Picaridin, which is an alternative to DEET. Picaridin has been in Europe for over 25 years and is widely used there, although relatively new to the United States. Raising our children in Fairfield and Westchester county, we created Ranger Ready to stop our families from being bitten by ticks and we wanted an alternative to the heavy chemical, DEET. Once applying Ranger Ready, you’re protected from ticks and mosquitos for 12-hours.

Do you have to spray it all over your body and clothes?

The best thing to do is to put it on in the morning. We recommend putting it on just as you would sunscreen. Spray the repellent directly on your skin, covering your entire body especially your limbs and neck. There’s a significant issue with little girls with long hair since ticks tend to crawl up their hair and rest at the back of their scalp. Ultimately, spray Ranger Ready on your skin and your clothes for full protection.