Ranger Ready Repellents uses Picaridin 20% because it provides 12-hour protection from ticks and mosquitos and is safe on clothing, gear, children over one year and during pregnancy.

Westfair Online: Norwalk Company Gets EPA Approval for Ranger Ready Repellents

(Westfair Communications) The PiC20 Group, a privately held company in Norwalk, has received approval from the Environmental Protection Agency for its Ranger Ready Repellents.

The product, made with the active ingredient Picaridin 20 percent, is designed to protect people from tick and mosquito bites for up to 12 hours.

Blended, bottled and distributed from PiC20’s Norwalk facility, Ranger Ready’s logo and packaging were created by industrial design firm Product Ventures, based in Fairfield.

Five-ounce bottles of the repellent, which is available in three scents, are being sold on the company’s website for $9 each, with shipments expected to begin in March.

By Kevin Zimmerman