Making the Best of Your Backyard

Sometimes travel isn’t in the cards. Time and money constraints, personal and work commitments, or unexpected events, can all put a damper on your far-away travel plans. But, have you ever tried exploring your own neighborhood? Take a backyard vacation this spring, it’ll be fun!

What are the rules of a backyard vacation, you ask?

  1. All excursions must be within driving distance. Extra points if you can walk or bike there. Even more extra points if you don’t leave your driveway.
  2. No trip should require overnight accommodations, but this is totally acceptable if you are having so much fun and don’t want to go home.
  3. A true low-maintenance trip is relaxing, but sometimes simply a change up from your day-to-day routine is relaxing, too. Sleeping late or going for a 5-mile hike or watching your favorite movie all count. Whatever it is, as long as it puts a smile on your face, it’s all good.
 Now, let’s get to planning your easy-going trip. The first question to ask is: Who’s coming?


Some of our favorite memories are with family and close friends, but sometimes a solo vacation is just as great. Different groups are probably looking for different types of adventures, so follow along with the right party to find some great ideas courtesy of your favorite bug spray brand and avid backyard adventurers– Ranger Ready.

A Family-Friendly Day

Are your kids animal-lovers? If the weather is warm enough, walk around your neighborhood and see what animals you can find. Identifying animals and learning more about them is a great way to expand their education and their appreciation for the outdoors. Not a fan of animals? Identifying different types of plants, trees, and bodies of water are just as fun. Or better yet, do both activities! Just make sure that you pack the kid friendly bug spray.

Another kid-friendly idea is even closer than your backyard – it’s your own living room! For a movie and game day, queue up all of your old favorites and their new favorites, put together some healthy (and maybe some not-so-healthy) snacks. Take a break in-between flicks to play a quick game of checkers or a never-ending game of Monopoly. The best part about these lazy-day plans is that there are no plans! All you have to do is stay inside in your comfortable clothes (read: sweatpants) all day.

An Outdoor Picnic With Family & Friends

What’s better than eating outdoors? If hitting up the local patio bar or outdoor hot dog stand isn’t in the cards, making a picnic in your own backyard is just as fun. Grab the drinks, the food, a comfortable blanket to sit on, and some great music and you’ll be set for hours.

Even if you don’t have a backyard, you can still pack up the car with all of the picnic essentials and drive to your local park. Or, hit the hiking trail and enjoy some snacks along the way.

Some menu items to consider:

  • A great meat and cheese plate
  • Fruit salad
  • Bite-sized sandwiches
  • Your favorite beverages

And to make sure you’re not on a bug’s picnic menu, keep some Ranger Ready Picaridin 20% bug spray on hand for all-day protection. Our suggestion is our travel size bug spray bottle, which is easy to pack in a bag or basket.

A Relaxing Day All to Yourself

Use your easy-going vacation day as a personal retreat for yourself. Sleep in (you deserve it) and make yourself an elaborate, diner-style breakfast with all of your favorites. Once that task is done, treat yourself to a day of pampering at the spa or at home! Turn off your phone if you can so you can focus on your number one priority – YOU!

If that isn’t your idea of relaxing, go on a solo adventure. Try out a hiking trail that you haven’t been to before or go on your favorite biking path. If you’re hiking, take your dog! We are positive that they would like a change in their daily schedule, too.

There’s nothing better than a day off from life with your family and friends, or some much needed alone time. Explore your own backyard to do the things you love or to try something new. If your day takes you outdoors, you know that we always have your back to keep you protected all day long from ticks and mosquitos with our long lasting picaridin bug spray.