Go Back to School with Ranger Ready

Go Back to School with Ranger Ready

back to school with ranger ready

As students head to college for the fall semester, and dorm essentials and care packages are being packed, don’t forget the one essential that is often forgotten – an effective tick and mosquito repellent. 

Whether traveling south where mosquitos carry illnesses, like West Nile virus, or going on weekend warrior adventures, make sure to stay protected. Pick the best products to feel confident and safe from insect bites and diseases while away from home.

For the Athlete

ranger orange trigger spray mosquito repellentFrom early morning training in the wet grass or running cross country in wooded areas, athletes have a high exposure to mosquitos and ticks – so it’s important to have a bug spray that repels both. Ranger Ready picaridin insect repellent is one of the few DEET alternatives that effectively protects against mosquitos and ticks. Protection lasts for 12 hours, but remember to reapply after hitting the showers. The 235ml trigger spray bottle of our original and refreshing Ranger Orange scent is the perfect choice. The trigger spray is great for the hard to reach spots, like behind the knees and ankles, and it’s large enough to share with the rest of the team.

For the World Traveler

variety pack of travel sized bug spray

It’s only the fall semester, but planning Spring Break trips to a hot, tropical island or preparing for a semester abroad are already in the works. Either way, be ready to jump on a flight for the next trip with approved travel sized products.

All of our scents are available in 100ml, TSA-compliant packaging, so there never has to be a tough decision between Night Sky - the perfect combination of sandalwood, lavender, and lemon for a refreshing aroma - and Scent Zero, our unique unscented bug spray for undercover protection, again. Pick them all up individually, or shop our convenient 4 Scent Variety Track Pack.

For the Outdoor Adventurer

amber scented mosquito repellent

College students spend a lot of time outside - in between classes, on the weekends, and in the early mornings on a hiking trails, going for a run, or fishing with friends.

An effective bug spray made with picaridin 20% will prevent tick and mosquito bites for up to 12 hours and protect against other biting insects like flies and chiggers for up to 8 hours – perfect for a long day outside. Ranger Ready’s 150ml Amber scented bug spray is ideal for outdoor excursions - it’s small enough to pack up and take on the go, and the notes of cedar and amber pair perfectly with the great outdoors.


For Everybody

unscented mosquito repellent scent zero

Ranger Ready is made for everybody – from the people who want to stop using DEET products, to the ones who are on the hunt for longest possible protection from insect bites.

A unique element of Ranger Ready is that the products smell great, unlike common DEET-based repellents - but there is also an unscented option: Ranger Ready Scent Zero™. For those who are sensitive to scented products, looking for a hypoallergenic bug spray, or just want to remain undercover, try our unscented bug spray.

Ranger Ready has a wide selection of picaridin products in several scents and sizes. Find the right one for college to stay confident and protected from insect-borne diseases like Lyme Disease and West Nile virus.