ranger ready picaridin tick repellent on News 12

Ranger Ready in the News

This week, Ranger Ready was featured from Connecticut to Texas.

In Connecticut, Founder and CEO, Chris L. Fuentes, talked to News12 Connecticut to explain the personal reasons Ranger Ready was created, some common misconceptions about contracting Lyme disease, and was joined by Scott Santarella, CEO of the Global Lyme Alliance, to talk about the importance of their partnership.

In Texas, our partner PD Labs and head pharmacist Ray Solano, RPh, MBA, CCN talked tick prevention during “We Are Austin,” a morning show on CBS Austin.

News12 Connecticut

“You don’t realize how easy it is to get bitten by a tick. You get Lyme disease not by going for a hike in the woods for 12-miles, but within a mile of your home. You walk by the mailbox or you mow the lawn or you go gardening – that’s when you get bitten.” – Chris Fuentes

CBS We Are Austin

“A lot of people are looking for DEET-free products, to this is terrific.” Trevor Scott, We Are Austin host. 

“And more importantly, it works.” - Solano