The Best Fly Spray for Horses

How to protect your horse from biting flies

Which Flies Bite Your Horse

There are up to 6 different flies may be biting your horse and are most commonly found:

Type Where Eggs Are Laid
Horse Fly Soil near streams/lakes
Deer Fly Soil near streams/lakes
Stable Fly Decaying manure, spoiled feed
Black Fly Fast moving streams/rivers
House Fly In fresh manure
Bot Fly On horse, pupates in manure

Vector-Borne Diseases That Effect Your Horse

Flys are a havoc to horses in more ways than one. Hives, hair loss, skin thickening, abrasions, ulcerations, and infection are all possible skin reactions to biting flies. But, biting insects can put your horse at a much more serious risk with the following diseases.

Eastern Equine Encephalitis: Brain and spinal inflammation from mosquitoes

West Nile virus: Mosquito-borne virus causing neurological damage

Pigeon fever: Bacterial infection from flies landing on broken skin

Summer Sore: When Stable fly larvae invade fresh wounds

Sweet Itch: An allergic reaction to Gnat bites causing damage to skin

horse flies on horse

Stop Bites With The Most Effective Horse Fly Repellent

Biting flies are most active April-September just before and after sunrise and sunset. Regularly applying Permethrin 0.5% to your horses’ coat, at least monthly, will prevent flies from biting your horse. Be sure to brush the fly spray into your horse's coat, and wait 4-6 hours for the spray to dry.

Permethrin 0.5% is a safe and effective water-based fly spray for horses and can be applied directly to your horses’ coat for up to 40 days of protection. Brush into hair and let dry. Repelling and killing horse flies on contact, Ranger Ready Permethrin is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is also safe to use on your clothing or gear. 

Protecting Yourself From Horse Flies

In addition to spraying your horse, treat outdoor fabrics and clothing with Permethrin repellent to repel and kill biting flies, ticks, and mosquitoes and stop them from biting you.

For an extra layer of protection against horse flies, mosquitoes, and ticks, apply Ranger Ready body-worn Picaridin 20% bug spray to your exposed skin for 8-12 hours of bite-free time outside.

Water Vs. Oil-Based Horse Fly Repellents

Similar to the way tanning-oils attract the sun, oil-based petroleum horse repellents can cause sunburns and dry skin. The greasy, sticky feel draws in dirt, attaching to hair. Ranger Ready Permethrin is water-based and unscented, leaving your horse smooth, clean and without a sunburn. 

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