Safe Bug Spray For Families

Picaridin 20% Tick + Mosquito Repellent

We chose Picaridin 20% to use in our body-worn repellent, because it's safe to use during pregnancy and on children over one year. Ranger Ready Picaridin 20% Repellent is the safe bug spray for home, protecting your whole family from biting insects for up to 1 2 hours.

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Applying Bug Spray While Pregnant

Not only are ticks and mosquitoes nuisances, they also carry vector-borne diseases that are dangerous to pregnant people. It's important to wear pregnancy-safe bug spray when outdoors.

Ranger Ready Picaridin 20% unscented bug spray is safe to use on skin during pregnancy.

Is DEET Safe? The Alternative to DEET

Picaridin 20% Body-Worn Repellent

While DEET is a neurotoxin and plasticizer, Picaridin 20% is not, which makes it safe to use daily on skin as well as clothing, gear, and synthetic materials. Other benefits of choosing this safe and effective alternative to DEET - Picaridin 20% is not greasy or oily, and absorbs into your skin at a much lower rate (6% for Picaridin versus 18% for DEET).

Dual Layers of Mosquito & Insect Protection

For an extra later of protection against biting insects, treat your outdoor clothing and gear with unscented Permethrin fabric spray. Once dry, clothing-worn repellent is safe to wear and will protect you family from insects for up to 40 days and 5 washes.

Apply Picaridin 20% to your skin daily and Permethrin 0.5% to your clothing monthly with The P2Pak®.

Bug Spray Safe For Dogs

Now that you're protected, keep ticks, mosquitoes, and biting flies away from your dogs. All Ranger Ready Repellents are safe to use on and around dogs.

We recommend spray Permethrin 0.5% repellent to your dog beds and car seats, to kill the critters your dog carries inside.

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How the Learners & Makers enjoy Ranger Ready as their non-toxic mosquito repellent of choice.

"Bugs love our family. We don’t love DEET. But we finally found an effective, kid-safe, parent-approved bug spray that our kids actually like to use."

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