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Dr. David E. Kent  Is founding partner of Dermatologic Surgery Specialists of Macon, GA. Dr. Kent has performed over 27,000 Mohs surgical procedures and is an accredited trainer through the American College of Mohs Surgery. 
Dr. Kent is the senior medical advisor to The PiC20 Group LLC, the private company that owns Ranger Ready.  His +35 years as a dermatologist is invaluable to supporting the development of Ranger Ready and Picaridin as a safe, effective alternative to DEET. 

What is Picaridin?

Picaridin was developed by Bayer researchers in the 1980’s in an attempt to retain all the benefits of DEET while avoiding the harmful side effects. The result of their research was the discovery of a synthetic compound resembling the natural compound piperine, which is found in the group of plants used to produce black pepper. 

Widely used as a repellent in Europe and Australia, Picaridin works by blocking insect’s ability to sense their prey and deters them from landing on the skin. Picaridin is non-greasy, does not dissolve plastics or synthetic materials, irritate skin or have a pungent odor.

In addition to being extremely effective in protecting against ticks, mosquitos and other insects, the normal use of Picaridin does not present a health concern, is safe on children over 1 year and is safe to use during pregnancy – providing powerful, technical protection for the whole family. The CDC recommends the use of repellents containing 20% Picaridin for long-lasting protection and named Picaridin 20% the Most Effective Overall Repellent (CDC May 2017). To learn more about Picaridin, visit our "Facts About Picaridin" page.

What is the difference between Picaridin and DEET?

Picaridin 20% VS DEET 30%