How to Apply Ranger Ready | Proper Use of Picaridin 20% – Ranger Ready Repellents™


Directions for Use

Applying Ranger Ready Repellents should be part of your routine each time you plan on spending any time outside. Here are some tips to make sure you’re completely protected, every time.

1. Get your spray on! Our fine mist sprayers make commercial grade protection a breeze – simply hold the bottle 6-8 inches from exposed skin and spray in a slow, sweeping motion. Our bottles are designed to spray upside down, right side up and any way in between, so don’t forget the backs of your legs and neck! Always apply Ranger Ready as directed on the product label. Ranger Ready goes on easily and starts working immediately, no need to let it dry or set – you’re ready to go!

2. About, face! To ensure full protection, don’t forget to apply Ranger Ready to your face. To do this, spray the product onto your palms first then apply to your face and the backs of your ears and neck – taking care to avoid your eyes and mouth! Apply as directed on the label.

3. Where NOT to spray. Protection is important, but Ranger Ready shouldn’t be applied to cuts, wounds, burns (even sunburns) or irritated skin of any kind.  




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