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What is the active ingredient in Ranger Ready Repellent? 

The active ingredient in Ranger Ready Repellent is Picaridin used at a concentration of 20%. Picaridin is safer and at least as effective as DEET in repelling ticks and insects.  Picaridin, developed by Bayer Pharmaceuticals in the 1980’s, has been widely used for decades across Europe but has only been available in the U.S. since 2005.  Picaridin repels mosquitos, ticks, biting flies, chiggers and other insects.  Picaridin was made to resemble the natural compound piperine, which is found in the group of plants that are used to produce black pepper.

How does Ranger Ready work?

Ranger Ready Repellents were developed to provide technical commercial-grade protection (up to 12-hour protection against ticks and mosquitos). The active ingredient Picaridin repels by blocking the insect’s and tick’s ability to sense your skin as a food source.  Ranger Ready Repellents repel but they do not kill insects.

How many hours is the Repellency?

The level of Picaridin concentration in repellent only determines how long the protection lasts. When properly applied to your skin, Ranger Ready Repellents provide 12-hour protection from ticks and mosquitos, and up to 8-hour protection from biting flies, gnats, chiggers, no-see-ums and sand flies.

Are Ranger Ready Repellents safe for children?

Yes. When used as directed on the label, Picaridin is safe for use on adults and children over 1 year old.

Are Ranger Ready Repellents safe during pregnancy?

Yes. When used as directed on the label, Picaridin is safe for use on adults and safe to use during pregnancy.

Are Ranger Ready Repellents registered with the EPA?

Yes. Ranger Ready Repellents were registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in January 2018. Ranger Ready Repellents maintains all required state registrations.

Will Ranger Ready Repellents harm my clothing, plastics or synthetic materials?

No. Ranger Ready Repellents contain zero DEET, which is a “plasticizer” that damages rubber, plastics, leather, vinyl, rayon, spandex, elastic and auto paint.  Ranger Ready Repellents are safe to use on your skin, on clothing, on plastics and around fishing and camping gear.

Do Ranger Ready Repellents leave a greasy or oily residue?

No. Unlike DEET, which is greasy, oily and has an unpleasant odor, Picaridin does not have these characteristics.

What do Ranger Ready Repellents smell like?

Ranger Ready Repellents are offered in three wearable scents: 1) Ranger Orange, featuring base notes of bergamot that create a protective scent of natural orange; 2) Amber, offering light notes of cedar that bring a natural outdoor scent to the forefront; and 3) Night Sky, offering top notes of lavender and lemon complimented by notes of sandalwood for evening use.

Should I cover my entire body with Ranger Ready Repellent?

Yes. For maximum protection Ranger Ready may be applied to your entire body as directed on the label. It is particularly important to protect your legs, arms and neck areas from tick bites. 

Should I spray Ranger Ready Repellents on my clothing?

While Ranger Ready Repellents will not harm your clothing, plastics or any other synthetics, you should apply Ranger Ready Repellents on your skin as directed on the label.

Does Ranger Ready Repellent absorb into your skin?

About 6% of Ranger Ready is absorbed into your skin. DEET absorbs at a rate of about 18%, hence why it takes DEET 30% to protect you from ticks and insects for 8 hours.   

How long is Ranger Ready Repellents shelf life?

Ranger Ready Repellents are made in small batches in South Norwalk, CT.  Each lot number is unique and is designed to be shelf stable for 18 months. The ‘best by date’ on each bottle indicates when to replace your Ranger Ready.

Is Ranger Ready Repellent available outside of the United States?

No. Our team is working on developing new markets, however, we are currently only permitted to sell Ranger Ready Repellents in the U.S.

Where are Ranger Ready Repellents sold?

Ranger Ready Repellents may be purchased directly at www.RangerReady.com and via our valued partners who are authorized to re-sell Ranger Ready Repellents.

Who is Ranger Ready Repellents?

Ranger Ready Repellents were invented by founders Chris L. Fuentes (59) and Ted Kesten (62).  Ranger Ready Repellent is a wholly-owned brand of The PiC20 Group, LLC, a privately held company in Norwalk, CT dedicated to developing safe and effective repellents using the active ingredient Picaridin.



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