Ranger Ready Repellents® and IPC® Partner to Prevent Tick- and Insect-Borne Illness

Ranger Ready Repellents® and IPC® Partner to Prevent Tick- and Insect-Borne Illness


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The new partnership introduces pharmacists within the Independent Pharmacy Cooperative to Ranger Ready, a premium safe and effective body-worn repellent that protects against ticks, mosquitos, and biting insects.

The Independent Pharmacy Cooperative (IPC), the nation’s largest independent pharmacy co-op owned by independent pharmacy, is partnering with Ranger Ready Repellents to stem the spread of vector-borne illnesses.

Using the active ingredient Picaridin 20%, the safe and effective alternative to DEET, Ranger Ready is safe for everyday use by children over age-1, adults, and during pregnancy, and provides protection from ticks, mosquitos, and biting insects for up to 12-hours. Additionally, the fine-mist spray bottles are non-aerosol and 100% recyclable.

“Community pharmacies are perfectly positioned to provide and recommend safe and effective repellents,” said Dean Slaugenhoup, Vice President of Purchasing and Contracts for IPC.  “We chose to work with Ranger Ready Repellents because we believe we can make a difference together.”

Patients tend to turn to pharmacies for post-bite treatment of insect bites. However, a growing number of pharmacists around the country are focused on preventing insect bites that cause serious illnesses, and research indicates that families are becoming more aware and more concerned with safely avoiding and protecting themselves from bites.

“My patients and customers are always looking for a better alternative to DEET – something that is as effective but less toxic, and something that actually works,” said Mona Ghattas, IPC Board Member, Past President of the New Mexico Pharmacist’s Association, and owner of Duran Central Pharmacy in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and who has carried Ranger Ready since the beginning of 2019. “When someone asks about insect repellents, my pharmacists are very excited that they can point directly to Ranger Ready. Having Ranger Ready in my pharmacy is a no brainer.”

“I meet pharmacists every day who know they can do more than dispense doxycycline to treat Lyme disease, or sell after-bite solutions,” said Evan Kesten, Director of Sales at Ranger Ready. “Pharmacists have discovered the benefits of Picaridin 20% in Ranger Ready and have started educating their patients about safe and effective personal protection measures against insect bites.”

Ranger Ready Repellents are available in four premium scents – Scent Zero, Amber, Ranger Orange, and Night Sky – and four convenient sizes – 3.4 oz |100 ml, 5 oz |150 ml, 8 oz | 235 ml, and 24 oz | 710 ml – all in fine-mist spray bottles that can spray 360 degrees. Ranger Ready is locally made in the USA in Norwalk, Connecticut.


Contact: Teddy DeRosa | Director, Public Relations | Ranger Ready Repellents 

Email: TeddyD@RangerReady.com | Phone: (203) 695-3889 


Contact: Linda Reedy | Director of Marketing | Independent Pharmacy Cooperative 

Email: Linda.Reedy@IPCRX.com | Phone: (608) 733-6029



About Ranger Ready Repellents®

Ranger Ready Repellents is a privately held business founded in 2016 with a mission to save lives from serious diseases caused by mosquitos, ticks, biting insects and, as of 2020, via human-to-human transmission.  Premium products are made in USA and include Ranger Ready Picaridin 20% Body-Worn RepellentsÔ, Ranger Ready Permethrin 0.5%Ô for clothing application, and Ranger Ready Hand SanitizerÔ, 80% ethanol alcohol topical hand sanitizer.  Ranger Ready is wholly owned by the PiC20 Group, LLC, a privately held company based in Norwalk, CT. Visit www.rangerready.com for more information.


About Independent Pharmacy Cooperative®

IPC is the nation’s largest group purchasing organization owned by independent pharmacy representing nearly 6,000 member participants. With locations in Sun Prairie, WI and Phoenix, AZ, IPC prides itself on providing access to the most effective products, programs and services from selected endorsed vendors as well as a 100 percent rebate return.